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Jet Black Orchid is an American rock trio from Louisville, Ky. The band is composed of brothers, Rio Brittany (guitar, backup vocals), Gunnar Brittany (Bass, lead vocals, piano) and Jaggar Brittany (drums, backup vocals). Jet Black Orchid was born in early 2012, although they had been playing music together since 2007. These brothers afford a very tight and cohesive sound carved from rock and blues. Raised on their father's records, a spark quickly grew into a flame as a passion for music firmly sunk tooth and nail into the boys. From cutting their teeth in the underbelly of Louisville's bar and dive scene, to playing festivals and touring the country, a dogged work ethic has kept them busy and driven.

Live, Jet Black Orchid commands an undeniable presence from the moment they hit the stage, a look that turns heads and an electric sound and energy that never fails to captivate a crowd.

After recording their first six song EP, Jet Black Orchid gained recognition early on netting radio air play for tracks like the funky soul/rock driven "Bite" that blends stimulated lyrics with infectious piano. In the Spring of 2012 they embarked on a three month south west/western US tour and by the time the winter cold set in again in their hometown they had a whole new road tested batch of songs. The new tracks of their first full length album were laid down in the early months of 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. The latest album stables a whole host of new beasts, rooted in rock and roll with touches of pop, blues, and funk, this dynamite self titled album has sass, cool, and sex. Watch out for
Jet Black Orchid.


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